Fast and Secure Solution for Industrial IoT Applications

E-Lins wireless router is an industrial-grade device that can connect to 5G/4G/3G networks and provide fast and secure Internet access and data transmission for various IoT applications. Whether it is for transportation, electric power, finance, water conservancy, environmental protection, industrial automation, medical treatment, agriculture, petroleum or smart home, E-Lins wireless router can meet your industrial data transmission needs.

E-Lins industrial 4g/5g router has a powerful 32-bit processor and integrates multiple network technologies, such as 5G access, WIFI, routing, switching and security. We have two models: H685f with two network ports and H900f with five network ports, three of which are Gigabit. It also has serial ports, digital ports and supports secondary development to extend its functions. They are compact and rugged devices that can provide fast and secure Internet access and data transmission for various industrial IoT applications. For better signals, we have customized special 5G antennas for our routers for customer convenience.

E-Lins industrial router supports remote maintenance and management through the industrial IoT platform. It has an industrial design and strict component selection to ensure a high-speed and stable wired and wireless transmission network. It can collect data and use public networks to provide wireless long-distance data transmission. It is a reliable and cost-effective wireless security access network solution for the M2M industry in the IoT industry chain.

E-Lins wireless router can be controlled remotely through VPN, public IP or SMS. It can send and receive SMS commands for configuration, control, alarm and status monitoring.

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