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The drone industry is evolving at a rapid pace and benefits several sectors from photography to agriculture. However, the misuse of UAVs by malicious individuals or groups is giving rise to security and privacy concerns. NovoQuad Group equips authorized organizations and government agencies with modern anti-drone solutions to counter drone threats effectively and efficiently.

WILMINGTON, Del. – Jan. 24, 2024:

NovoQuad Group is a top-rated supplier of intelligent and innovative defense and security products and solutions. The firm has successfully established itself in the industry and promises to deliver the most reliable and genuine counter drone systems at reasonable prices. The company has become a trusted partner of several airports, government facilities, data centers, and power plants.

According to one of the representatives of the company, “The integrated counter drone system of NovoQuad Group mainly consists of a drone detection unit and an anti-drone jamming solution. The detector detects the illegal drones in the airspace and the drone jammer interferes with the communication link and fails its core purpose. The superior detection, tracking, and jamming abilities of our counter drone systems make them ideal for safeguarding critical infrastructures.”

The anti-drone systems of NovoQuad Group have user-friendly features and are easy to use. With necessary training, organizations can deploy the devices and enhance the security of their airspace. The technology research lab of the company enables them to remain at the forefront of innovation and provide state-of-the-art security products to minimize drone threats.

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