Groundbreaking Integrated Anti-Drone System from NovoQuad Group

Did you know drones are used for malicious intents today more than they were ever used for recreational purposes? The threat to sensitive establishments is growing stronger day by day, and this calls for the need for integrated anti-drone systems that can safeguard critical spaces from uncalled aerial threats without any pitfalls. NovoQuad Group understands this and has come up with state-of-the-art anti-UAV systems that can keep unauthorized UAVs at bay! 

WILMINGTON, Del. — March 29, 2024:

Today, drones are one of the most vicious security threats because no one expects them. Conventionally, people are so hard-wired with the concept of four layers of security that they forget the sky. However, today, drones have become more advanced than ever. They are stealthy, compact, and evolved enough to carry payloads as heavy as contraband. Besides, drones can also be used for unauthorized surveillance, but there’s always a way to counter these rogue drones. The best anti-drone for surveillance from NovoQuad Group offers unmatched reliability with their industry-leading sensors and algorithms. The systems can detect and jam drones with precision and accuracy even in challenging environments, and this is a major win-win for law enforcement officers, government-authorized security personnel as well as defense professionals.

A spokesperson from NovoQuad Group says: “We have designed anti-drone systems to be deployed in a variety of settings including critical infrastructure, government facilities and public events, and more for maximum effectiveness.” Their anti-drone systems represent the culmination of years of research and development, which has set a new standard for drone detection and mitigation. 

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