High-Quality Dining Furniture at Competitive Rates from Kridva

Having a dreamy yet spacious and functional dining space is everything a homeowner needs. Whether it is for an elaborate dinner where you are hosting guests or a cosy dining room with custom dining room chairs, having the right furniture is imperative. Want to buy furniture online in Mumbai for your dining room? Kridva can be your one-stop shopping destination.

Mumbai, 14th March’24

Kridva has an exquisite collection of rattan dining chairs, wood and stone dining tables, benches, bar units, bar stools, ottomans and more that can add flair to any dining space. You can explore different themes and buy bespoke furniture that transforms your dining room into a one-of-a-kind space. Whether you are renovating from scratch or making some fine improvements, the collection from Kridva has got you covered!

Every piece of furniture Kridva designs is made with luxurious teakwood, and to protect the environment, the furniture is made using reclaimed teakwood, so no new trees are cut for manufacturing the products. In addition, the professionals use the highest quality polishing process and materials to deliver a smooth, high-end finish. Upholstered products have high-density foam beneath; the best part is you can get the furniture at competitive rates.

A spokesperson from Kridva says: “We have created stunning furniture collecting by dipping toes into creative seas. We have bespoke furniture that brings your vision to life and looks premium and chic.”

Want to buy dining chairs or dining room furniture from the industry best? Find it at Kridva today

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