NovoQuad Group Ranks as the Best Supplier of Anti-UAV Systems

The rise of unauthorized drone activities has become a pressing concern in recent times. Malicious users leverage the UAVs to conduct surveillance without consent, gather sensitive information illegally, and drop explosives. Therefore, the need for securing airspace has become more essential than ever before. NovoQuad Group has evolved as a reputed supplier of the best anti-drone for surveillance

WILMINGTON, Del. – Feb. 22, 2024:

NovoQuad Group is a global supplier of tech-enabled and reliable counter drone solutions for challenging and sensitive environments. The company is well aware of the increasing misuse of UAVs by malicious individuals and how they pose a threat to national security. To counter such threats effectively, NovoQuad Group provides integrated anti-drone system to government agencies and authorized organizations. 

According to a representative of the company, “Our counter drone solution comprises of a drone detector and a drone jammer. The drone detector allows clients to identify the approaching threats from a distance and provides them with more time to plan appropriate strategies and minimize risks. On the other hand, the jammer helps block the illegal drones by cutting off the communication link between the UAV and its controller.”

NovoQuad Group promises the delivery of unmatched anti-UAV system with short lead times. All the products of the company are designed with attention to detail and focus on meeting the unique needs of different clients. The firm offers satisfying technical support to the customers and ensures smooth deployment of the counter drone systems. 

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