Police Drone Detectors by NovoQuad Group

NovoQuad Group introduces professional, advanced defense and security products that are setting benchmarks in aerial security. Their counter-unmanned aerial systems can protect establishments vulnerable to espionage, theft, smuggling, or even pinpoint strikes. Wondering how their anti-drone defense systems can be helpful? Here you go! 

WILMINGTON, Del. – Jan. 27, 2024:

In the past few years, drones have become more accessible due to their immense advantages, small size, lightweight nature, and cost-effective nature. However, these qualities also make drones a significant risk as they can seamlessly bypass any existing physical security measures. Nowadays, perpetrators use drones to spy, trespass, or even accidentally or intentionally endanger the public by flying in restricted airspaces such as hospitals, airports, government establishments, or defense bases. Understanding the significance of drone defense in critical airspaces, NovoQuad Group has launched innovations like C-UAS guns to keep restricted airspaces safe.

A representative from NovoQuad Group has stated that “we excel in advanced and secure solutions, specializing in pioneering Anti-Drone Systems, Bomb/RF Jamming Systems, Wi-Fi Interception Systems, See-Through-Wall Radar Systems, and more.” The dedicated professionals at NovoQuad Group are committed to providing value to their distributors and customers through carefully curated, and high-quality products. Their product range includes the groundbreaking ND-BU001 to ND-SV009 and ND-IM005, and efficient police drone detectors and other security products to effectively address security and privacy threats.

For further details about their products or to request a quote, you can explore their website or get in touch with the experts at NovoQuad Group today!

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