Protecting Stadiums with Anti-Drone Solutions from NovoQuad Group

In this modern era, the world is witnessing rapid proliferation of drones owing to their advanced functionalities and easy access. Illegal UAVs continue to hover over the stadiums and create chaos among the spectators and participants. That is why authorities are leveraging the C-UAS systems to tackle the problem and enhance the security of stadiums. NovoQuad Group offers top-notch stadium drone detection and jamming systems and improves the safety of restricted airspace.

WILMINGTON, Del. – Feb. 20, 2024

NovoQuad Group is a leading supplier of counter drone solutions specializing in the delivery of innovative systems with short lead times, unmatched reliability, and manufacturing flexibility. The company recognizes the dangers of illegal drones flying over the stadiums. Unauthorized UAVs can cause panic among the participants and spectators and lead to delays in the events. To respond to such threats, the firm offers the best counter UAV solution and ensures smooth continuances of sporting events.

 According to one of the representatives of the company, “The drone detector and drone jamming device of NovoQuad Group are designed to cater to the unique requirements of clients. We facilitate easy customization of the systems to boost airspace security in the best possible way. Our counter UAV solutions for stadiums are gaining popularity in the market due to their accuracy, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.”

Besides the stadium, NovoQuad Group also provides anti-drone systems to safeguard critical infrastructures like government facilities, data centers, power plants, airports, and oil refineries. The company continues to improvise its product range to ensure optimum satisfaction of clients.

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