Securing Critical Infrastructure from Aerial Attacks with NovoQuad Group

Believe it or not, the threat of aerial attacks on critical infrastructure looms large, and the need for anti-drone devices is more vital than ever. Understanding this need, NovoQuad Group has come up with cutting-edge drone guns that represent a paradigm shift in aerial security. 

WILMINGTON, Del. — March 23, 2024:

Different sensitive establishments, including transportation hubs, power plants, and government buildings are vulnerable to malicious drone incursions that can disrupt operations, compromise safety, and cause significant economic losses. NovoQuad Group recognizes this imminent threat and has come up with top-of-the-line drone jamming and C-UAS solutions with a comprehensive suite of other anti-drone technologies like C-UAS guns to address the growing threat of rogue drones. 

A spokesperson from NovoQuad Group says: “Protecting critical infrastructure from aerial threats requires constant innovation and robust technology and our drone jammer rifles have that. Our range of anti-drone solutions are powered by unparalleled defense capabilities to enable our clients to safeguard their operations and assets without any drone threat.” Their handheld C-UAS guns combine detection, countermeasure, display, control, and power supply into a single, compact device to provide a smooth, effective defense against the increasing risk posed by unmanned UAVs. 

Conventional anti-drone jammers have different limitations, and the most significant of them is their dependence on human eyes or external detecting technologies to identify invading drones. This outmoded approach wastes time and imposes a substantial workload on operations while leading to oversights in identifying targets. However, the handheld, C-UAS guns from NovoQuad Group successfully overcomes this limitation and leads to better operational efficiency. 

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