Stadium Drone Detection: C-UAS Technology from NovoQuad Group

In today’s security landscape, safety doesn’t just mean protecting a space from four sides. Security also means the fifth dimension of airspace. Nowadays, malicious attackers are trespassing on establishments using drones. Especially in crowded areas like stadiums, drones can be a threat to infrastructure as well as life. Understanding the significance of drone defense, NovoQuad Group introduced stadium drone detectionsolutions that can secure stadium airspaces from unauthorized drones.

WILMINGTON, Del. – Jan. 3, 2024:

UAVs are an emerging threat in recent times and stadiums are no exception. To prevent the potential threats that malicious drones pose and enhance airspace security in stadiums, counter UAV solutions from NovoQuad Group can be an excellent choice. With unmatched reliability, competitive industry rates, and top-notch quality, the c-UAS systems can effectively lower the threat of unauthorized drones.

Drones pose a security threat to stadiums by potentially carrying hazardous payloads or disrupting events. They can breach airspace, compromise spectator safety, and breach privacy. Drone jammers, using signal interference, offer a crucial defense mechanism as devices interfere with drone communications, compelling them to land or return. Drone jammers provide stadiums with a proactive countermeasure against unauthorized drone activities, mitigating potential risks and ensuring the safety and security of the venue and its attendees. A spokesperson from NovoQuad Group says: “Our drone jammer devices are lightweight, compact, and small, which makes them ideal for mobile operations. In addition to stadiums, our C-UAS solutions can also be used in a wide array of applications from airports to other critical infrastructures.”

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