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The advancement of drone technology offers several benefits to different industries. However, the threat of its misuse by malicious individuals cannot be overlooked. Power plants have become a vulnerable target for unauthorized drones. NovoQuad Group provides the power plant authorities with counter UAS systems to effectively tackle evolving drone threats and ensure smooth operations.

WILMINGTON, Del. – Jan. 25, 2024:

Today, the flying of unauthorized drones near and over the airspace of nuclear power plants has become a matter of concern. Malicious individuals may make use of unmanned aerial vehicles to survey the location and collect sensitive information or drop explosives. Protecting the power plants from such threats is the need of the hour. NovoQuad Group offers a reliable drone detection system and drone jammer to counter illegal drones and successfully prevent them from carrying out their mission.

According to one of the representatives of the company, “As the use of drones continues to increase, taking steps to secure the airspace is crucial. NovoQuad Group provides anti-drone rifle to quickly respond to the approaching threats and jam the unauthorized UAVs. Our anti-drone gun has high accuracy and precise jamming capabilities. These systems are portable and easy to use.”

NovoQuad Group is committed to consistently invest time in understanding the current drone landscape and improve its solutions for better outcomes. The firm continues to deliver advanced counter drone solutions to strengthen the security of power plants, government facilities, and other critical infrastructures.

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