State-of-the-art Counter UAV Solutions from NovoQuad Group

Aerial spaces are no longer safe, and let’s face it: no matter the level of security on-premises, if the airspace of an establishment is unsecured, drones always have the possibility to sneak in. Understanding the significance of airspace safety, NovoQuad Group has pioneered C-UAS systems that can keep UAVs at bay without any hiccups.

WILMINGTON, Del. – Jan. 25, 2024:

In an era where drones are becoming malicious and more accessible with every passing day, NovoQuad Group has identified the need to provide counter-UAV solutions to control and eliminate unmanned security threats hovering in restricted airspaces. Whether you are searching for drone jammer devices for law enforcement in public events or gatherings, or you need something more versatile as stadium drone detection to stop unmanned aerial vehicles and ensure crowd security, they have everything you might need.

You can go for their all-in-one handheld anti-drone systems that have seamlessly integrated jammer and detector in one lightweight device, or specialized drone guns that can help you to counter aerial threats anytime and anywhere. With their devices, you also get a stationary anti-drone system under unified software control to eliminate threats from small rotor drones. A spokesperson from NovoQuad Group says: “With profound industry expertise and cutting-edge technology, we can aid authorities in detecting and countering unmanned aerial threats before any manual efforts can spot them.” Need more information about their services, products, or price range? Contact their team of professionals today, or visit their website!

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